Sue L.                                     August 5, 2019
*****OMG! I can't say enough about David. His training of my dog and more importantly, me, was beyond anything I could have asked for! Best dog trainer I have ever worked with!!!

Kelly C.                                   February 18, 2019
*****David did a great job on training us on how to handle our German Shepherd. We feel confident to continue the training on our own to help our dog overcome his issues. Thanks David!!!
Katrina L.                                 February 10, 2019

Allison R.                                   August 31, 2018
*****David is an amazing trainer and coach. After just 4-5 hours working with David, my dog, Sammie, was easily walking by my side on his leash with no pulling or chasing after geckos. He is not only listening to new commands like down and stay, but he is more obedient in general. David's approach is to work with us...the owners. He explains everything from the dog's perspective. I now see that for my dog, one of the best ways to show my love and keep him calm is to show that I am in control of everything. The session was also fun and flew by! Was more than worth the money. I highly recommend David to anyone wanting to have a better and easier relationship with furbaby.

Cheryl J.                                    May 4, 2018
*****So great with dogs! ... people too. our dachshund has completely turned around

Krissie K.                                     March 18, 2018
*****The best!!! Made an amazing difference in our lives, which is no small task, we have a 140lb Great Dane and we can walk him with no pulling!
Michael W.                                  February 10, 2018
*****I had an unruly chihuahua. David changed her behavior in the first 10 minutes! We learned all the things we were doing wrong as owners. Now my two chi's and my Malinois get along great! Thanks David!

Deborah M.                        February 5, 2018
*****It was a great experience. I learned more about my dogs than I could have imagined!

Grace C.                             December 25, 2017
Melinda M.                          October 23, 2017
*****David did a great job working with me and my dog, Wally, who is about 10 months and has some separation anxiety. It's amazing to see results within one day.

Taylor D.                           October 8, 2017

Sarah C.                            October 1, 2017
*****We had David over within the last 12 hours and we already have a different dog. Tonight was the best time we've had with her since rescuing her in May. She seems happier and less anxious.We are of course ecstatic and are looking forward to continuing her training. Our puppy finally feels like a part of the family!
Thank you David!

Linda L.                              August 30, 2017
*****David was great!

Tracy L.                               June 21, 2017

Amanda C.                         May 25, 2017
*****David has alleviated a lot of stress in our family which I will be forever grateful for. 
He is very knowledgeable, patient, and just a genuine person. We were able to share all the issues we were having with our little guy and David was able to help us on every single one of them. We can already tell Charlie is happier and that means the world to us. Just after the first phone call I knew it was going to be a life changing experience and we would be able to continue our life as a family with Charlie in the picture.

Jasmine A.                         May 9, 2017
*****Great! David was very helpful and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone looking to train their dog on an issue.

Rebecca G.                        April 24, 2017
*****Mr. Ochoa is an expert and teaches the owner well about how to effectively handle their own dog. He does so by sticking to the themes of; the owner being in control as the "leader", sending consistent messages, and teaching the pet to work for its praise/affection through following with the leader's commands/expectations. Whew. I have a lot of work to do with Scooter... but we will be better for it.

Janet W.                             April 20, 2017
*****David is very knowledgeable and is a phenomenal trainer (humans and dogs, alike!!). Our puppy Sadie, was unruly and aggressive, and David taught our family how to make our puppy into a dog with manners. With what he taught us and some behavioral modifications, life will be much better for everyone! We are looking forward to a happier puppy, too!

Ernest D                              March 28, 2017
*****As a first time dog owner, David provided us with the tools and training that we needed. His experience and knowledge was evident from the moment he arrived at our house and interacted with our puppy. David provided 4 hours of extensive training, some of which had immediate results for our puppy, Tucker. We have been using everything that David has taught us and we are continuing to see improvements with each and every day. Our family can not say enough good things about David as he has truly helped these "first time puppy owners". We highly recommend him!

Arianna T.                                   March 11, 2017
*****David has a very clear high level of experience, as evidenced by his fusion of many different styles of training that roll into his extremely effective training methods. Not only has his training been amazingly useful for our one-year-old dog, Annabelle, David was also great at explaining the "why" behind each of his techniques in a fascinating way
I took care not to write a review until there was time to prove his methods, and boy did they ever prove themselves! Knowing the reasons behind corrections and training techniques has allowed us to come up with creative ways of teaching Annabelle new things. It is great to know that stepping into your dog's personal space will cause them to take a step back, but knowing that using their space as a tool in place of uselessly barking commands at them (pun intended) to clarify your intentions to them is mind-blowingly useful. These are the types of things that David teaches.
To anyone reviewing multiple profiles, look no further. We paid for a four-hour session, then were told, surprisinglly, that-as long as what David taught us was abided by- we would not need to schedule another meeting. That fact has turned out to be the case in practice, and our Annabelle will be a Mensa graduate before you know it! 

Janet K.                                       March 5, 2017
*****David provided four hours of extensive training for me, a first time puppy owner, and my puppy. I saw immediate results that carried over after he left. I still have work to do with my puppy, but knowing I can call David for advice any time is a blessing. I can't imagine anyone else providing so much knowledge and so many training techniques with positive results in such a short period of time. I highly recommend him. He'll become your new best friend!!!

Sean W.                                       February 21, 2017
*****Very personable man. Genuine experience and you could tell from the initial phone conversation to when he left that he cares about animals and wants to help people resolve their issues so we can live peacefully with our fur babies. My wife is three months pregnant and we have a medium-sized house with THREE dogs. 5-yr-old German Shepherd, 5o-yro-old Bulldog/Boxer and 3-yr-old Boston Terrier. He definitely helped us to understand the dogs better and by the end of our day the dogs were already showing signs of improvement from what they had learned.

Brandi A.                                     February 8, 2017
*****We really enjoyed David teaching us how to interact with our dog (Milo) so that we could continue our training long term. He explained how our interactions are perceived by Milo - and that has been a revelation! Milo has been doing super great - learning to play and not run off! He also taught us ways to help get Milo better socialized. David gave us the tools to succeed and now we can rest assured that Milo can remain part of our family.

Tiffany S.                                     January 22, 2017
*****For anyone serious about training their dog, this trainer is the best option by far.

Kevin W.                                     December 18, 2016
*****David was very pleasant and knowledgeable. His experience and training were on display from the moment he entered my home. Would highly recommend David to those out there looking for an experienced trainer.

Rebecca R.                                                   December 11, 2016
*****David was wonderful with my Shepherd mix and 2 small dogs! : )
Highly recommend!

Charles D.                                       November 25, 2016
*****I am very satisfied with the tools that David filled my head with... so that I would better understand the thinking of my German Shepherd pup. He is very skilled and takes charge immediately... and the dog understsood that fact! I am sure my concerns will lessen and I can already tell that there is a different attitude in the house! Thanks, David...

Lita H.                                              November 23, 2016
*****David was very patient... he explained everything from the dog's perspective and try to understand why dog do certain way. We still have way to go to be perfect dog but we def see the different since he came. And totally a relief knowing we can call him anytime. Glad we hired him and will recommend to ppl I know that need help.

Deb Y.                                          November 22, 2016
*****David was excellent in all aspects of the training. My dog is doing much better.

Adam R.                                       November 21, 2016
*****David is a phenomenal trainer. We have a 1 1/2 year old Pit Mix rescue. We had only had him a week when David came over for training. In just one session, our dog made major strides in all areas of training. David went above and beyond expectations
 and even helped us with an incident at a dog park where our dog was attacked by another dog, by showing us show to safely separate the dogs and protect our dog from the aggressor dog. After following David's instructions for the following week we have continued to see improvements. We get compliments about our well-behaved dog when we are out in public. I recommend that anyone looking for a dog trainer contact David at
A Best Friend Certified Dog Training.

Melanie S.                                   November 4, 2016
*****David was awesome! From the moment he walked in the door I could tell it was going to be a great learning experience for me as well as Claire!

Kai I.                                                            October 11, 2016
*****David was very professional, knowledgeable and thorough. The training far exceeded our expectations within the first 30 minutes and by the end of the first hour we could already see a tremendous improvement in our dogs behaviors. We have been using everything that David taught us every day and our lives and our dogs lives are better for it. I would highly recommend a session with David.

Kathy M.                                          September 23, 2016

*****Duncan was a different dog after David spent 4 hours with us and him. He's still a work in progress, but David gave us the tools that we need to work with him. Duncan is a large Lab 8-month-old puppy that was unmanageable until David came. I can now actually walk him without a problem, where I could never walk him before, and he's not eating the furniture. Realistically, don't expect David, who is excellent, or anyone else, to "fix" your dog in a day. You have to follow through and do what he tells you in order to have the behavior that you want. I would highly recommend having David come to assist with training your dog, and training you to train your dog. He is truly the "dog whisperer". Outstanding. I can't begin to say enough good things about David.

KIM J.                                               September 23, 2016
*****Our 21-month-old German Shepherd rescue lacked skills in socialization at the park, car manners, and needed a tune-up in walking on a leash without pulling, exiting and entering our home and car on command versus the German Shepherd making that decision. In two hours, goal reached and written instructions receivedhelp us stay consistent with daily goals and training. My husband and I highly recommend Mr. Ochoa.

Ashley A.                                         September 16,2016

Judy G.                                             September 2, 2016
*****David is an extremely patient and experienced trainer. He puts the Pro in Professional!  We learned so many things that keep the dog centered and the hierarchy of the order. We made very simple changes that made a huge difference. The results were almost immediate. We are much more in control and the small on-going exercises have definitely helped towards his separation anxiety. This was a working, yet pleasant session. I would recommend David in a heartbeat. Thank David.


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