The relationship you will have with your dog throughout his whole life depends on your attitude and behavior toward him. This may seem to be a simple concept, and it is, however, we must do it on your terms while communicating in your dog's language.
     Your dog is born with certain tools which tell him how to live and deal with the world around him.  This part of living with your dog has nothing to do with training.  These tools are called instinct. I will show you a few simple ways to use his instinct to insure that you gain his respect, loyalty, and obedience. The use of these few very basic facts will form his behavior, facilitate any training, and be the concrete foundation of your relationship for your entire life together.

Does your dog pull when you take him for a walk?
Do you dread an embarassing struggle if you are about to pass a person or dog?
Can you window shop or give your full attention to a conversation with a friend you may pass, without having to actively control your dog every minute?
Are squirrels, birds, cats, etc., objects of distraction to a nice peaceful outing with your buddy?
Do you dread calling your dog, hoping you won't have to chase him very far this time?

If these sound familiar, I can help.

I am presently providing personal training on a one-to-one basis to those who may have a hectic schedule and are in need of help with their dog.
I will teach you to handle him properly to reinforce and help him retain what he has learned.
  • Improve obedience
  • Housebreak a puppy
  • Manage undesirable behaviors
  • Learn the best time to teach your dog to come when called.
  • Even adult and older dogs can learn manners and proper behavior.


  • Become aware of the difference between a well-trained dog and a well-behaved dog. It is a huge difference that is sometimes puzzling and frustrating. A dog can be totally on point with all his commands and even excel in obedience competition and yet be impossible to live with because of his behavior. Learn why.
Serving Alamogordo, Cloudcroft, Mayhill and surrounding New Mexico area.



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